Tomasz Chrusciel enjoying the view of Ganges River, Varanasi India

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Tomasz Chrusciel. Travel Action & Adventure Fiction Writer

Tomasz Chrusciel wrote his first story at sixteen, but it would take another twenty years for his love affair with writing to become the central focus in his life.

After obtaining a master’s degree in Political Science & International Relations in Poland, Chrusciel found himself in the corporate sector. The work stoked his passion for global politics, but his imagination craved greater freedom. After moving to Ireland and falling in love, he finally left his job to become a full-time fiction author. His debut novel Illusive Intrusion was followed by Fast Track to Glory and The Vestals Conspiracy, which have since earned Chrusciel a dedicated readership that continues to grow each day.

Wanderlust regularly draws the writer to extreme corners of the globe seeking new settings, personalities and historical events to inspire his next novel. When he isn’t researching destinations or convincing his cat-loving fiancée to let him adopt a dog, he’s at his computer furiously typing his latest scene, or chatting with his readers on social media.

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Tomasz Chrusciel Reading a book on the train form Khajuraho to Agra, India
On the train form Khajuraho to Agra, India

Travelling is my passion.

When I visit a new country, I’m instantly interested in the people and their culture. I gather as much information about them as I can: I take a lot of pictures, pick up leaflets, speak to locals. I collect all the historical and scientific data so later I am able to smoothly weave everything into a fictional story. I add to my writing not only the element of surprise, but also tension.

My wish is that when a reader turns the last page, they will be satisfied and happy and feel as if they also visited the fabulous destinations my characters’ lives revolved around.


Tomasz Chrusciel in the labyrinth of narrow streets of Varanasi, India
Varanasi, India
Tomasz Chrusciel enjoying a captivating view of Italian Alps, Monte Baldo, Malcesine
Monte Baldo, Italian Alps
Tomasz Chrusciel enjoying fish for dinner in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tomasz Chrusciel, a writer, photographing Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal
Tomasz Chrusciel in Puerto de Mogan, so called Little Venice of Gran Canaria
Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria, Spain