The Vestals Conspiracy: A Novella (Prequel to The Nina Monte Series)

Nina Monte, a renowned professor of ancient religions, receives a cryptic message. Her former mentor and a prominent Italian archaeologist, Filippo Oliveri, needs her to come to Rome—he believes only Nina is capable of understanding the true significance of his new discovery.
But when she finally reaches the excavation site, Oliveri is gone. Instead, Nina comes across a series of clues that somehow connect an ancient prophecy, a mystical ritual, and a masterpiece of Michelangelo himself. But soon the magnitude of the discovery lures those who will stop at nothing to solve the mystery and, once and for all, silence everyone who stands in their way.

If you love historical mysteries, don’t miss this gripping read. “The Vestals Conspiracy” is a stunning introduction to the Nina Monte Mystery Thriller Series.

Fast Track To Glory: An International Thriller (A Nina Monte Mystery Thriller Book 1)

Professor Nina Monte, an expert in ancient religious texts, is called into a secret meeting. A mystical object has been discovered in a 15th-century galley, buried at the bottom of Lake Garda in Italy. At the recovery site, Monte makes a shocking revelation—the relic in her hands holds the power to change humanity’s perception of existence.

But Monte soon finds herself trapped in an insidious intrigue, and is forced to abandon everything she knows and trusts. Joined by local hotelier, Alessandro Pini, she is determined to unravel the truth surrounding the discovery.

A heart-stopping race to decode the four-thousand-year-old mystery leads Monte and Pini from Italy through the mighty Austrian Alps, right to the banks of the most sacred river in India. But the professor and her friend are not the only ones seeking answers, and it will take courage and cunning to outwit those who believe the truth is worth dying—or killing—for.


"A taut adventure that doesn't allow the reader much time to breathe. The pages rush by in a flash, making it nearly impossible to set the action-packed thriller down until you reach the final page. This is the type of story that will keep you up past your bedtime, however you may be so caught up you might not even notice the hours and pages zooming by."
T B Markinson
SPR Book Review
“… Fast Track to Glory joins the tradition seen in the film versions of The 39 Steps, Three Days of the Condor, and The Bourne Identity … we have an unlikely pair of very opposite types, in this case Monte and Pini, thrown together in a relentless chase from a villain who wants both a translation of the secrets of the tablet and to eliminate those who know too much.”
Dr. Wesley Britton
"Fast Track to Glory is a tautly woven thriller somewhat reminiscent of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code ... Exotic sights, sounds and smells are described in sufficient detail such that they're almost tangible, transporting readers to a special place where each new page heightens both the expectation and the odyssey!"
Marta Tandori
Readers' Favorite
"The story is chock full of thrilling action, but balanced with subtle character development. Chrusciel artfully unspools the mystery of the artefact. His writing is polished to a high sheen with taut pacing and fantastic characterization."
John Murray


Gran Canaria seems like a paradise destination for Bianka—an ideal escape from her ordinary life in Dublin. When her younger sister receives an unexpected offer for a modelling job on the island, Bianka eagerly agrees to accompany her. Why wouldn’t she? Ten days in a luxury hotel on a sunny island is a dream come true.

But Kacper, Bianka’s fiancé, isn’t thrilled with their departure. There’s someone living on Gran Canaria who doesn’t wish him well, someone who won’t allow Kacper to forget the darkest day in his past—someone who could even seek revenge.

Goyo, a freelance photographer from Barcelona, has no luck in pursuing his career. When he’s offered a lucrative contract for a photo shoot on the Canaries, he knows this is his big chance to turn things around. But he can’t ignore the unsettling feeling that a mysterious woman he recently met is the cause of his new lucky streak—and that her motivations aren’t exactly unselfish.

What begins as a relaxing getaway turns to uncertainty and terror when an inexplicable phenomenon engulfs Gran Canaria—and the people. Will Goyo and the sisters find a way to survive the unleashed darkness?

Praise for Illusive Intrusion

"Chrusciel's debut novel has much going for it. His descriptions of Gran Canaria will pull most readers into the setting and ignite their inner travel bug. The author seems well traveled and has a way of describing even the mundane aspects of travel with pizzazz and humor. Lazy readers will be baffled by the plot and all the twists and turns. The novel starts off slow, but once the action gets going, Chrusciel puts the medal to the pedal and takes the reader on a rollercoaster of a ride."
T.B. Markinson
SPR Book Review
"... intrigue, dark days and romantic suspense ... Illusive Intrusion is one of those rare stories that feels real, that makes you believe you are there, experiencing the story as it is told ... a story that I personally think would make an excellent thriller movie."
Anne-Marie Reynolds
Readers' Favorite